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— Celia

I want to make government work for people. 

Sadly, these days, that simple concept is being attacked as a political statement, instead of seeing it for what it is:


Government is not the enemy. In a democracy, government is us. It’s how we define the rules and processes of how we live together, respect each other, and grow together.


I’m more committed than ever to ensuring government works for us, especially in this landscape of attempts to control our local governments and attack the foundations of our democracy. That means taxpayers, which is all of us, receive the best customer service and are treated with respect in an efficient and responsive system that takes care of our basics.


That’s why I’m running for Travis County Tax Assessor Collector. To many people, I realize, it’s not a “sexy” position. But it is to me. Because this office serves a critical function in making government work. It funds our schools, helps taxpayers understand their rights and navigate processes, and registers voters.


So I hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about the office  and a little more about me.


And make sure to follow me on social media too so we can keep the conversation going.

What's a Tax Assessor-Collector?

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