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Just another kid from a working-class family…


I co-founded the LGBTQ Caucus in the Texas House. I brought our Texas fight for voting rights to DC with my Democratic colleagues when we broke quorum in 2021. I fought alongside champions to protect abortion rights, and I stood up to Greg Abbott in defense of trans kids and their families.


I also led a passionate campaign for Mayor to protect the spirit of Austin with bold housing and transit policies to counter the high cost of living.


I worked as a young staffer in the Ann Richards’ administration. I saw Ann doing good government by centering the beautiful diversity of Texas while keeping her sense of humor. She gave me a great gift and I’ve been a woman on a mission ever since.


But I had another mentor in my life who taught me that much of the noble work in service to others is done outside the spotlight … that’s my mom.  My dad might have been a truck driver, but that didn’t matter since my mom couldn’t drive. But nothing stopped my mom as she took me with her on the bus — to the store, to the doctor, to visit family, everywhere.  And while she never had the chance to pursue her education, she devoted her time as a teacher’s aide to support the education of others. I was blessed to have mom move down to Austin in her final years, allowing me and my wife Celinda to care for her as she did for me.


Long story to say I’ve been shaped by strong women who believe in public service and are no strangers to hard work.


As a kid coming to UT from a border town, Austin embraced me. This community allowed me to be my true self, marry who I loved, build my own business in real estate, serve four terms in the Texas House, and serve on city commissions to help make life better for my neighbors.


Again, a long story to say public service is my way of paying forward the gifts that were given to me.

What's a Tax Assessor-Collector?

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